Veryfi OCR API & SDK

With the help of Blockchain Congress USA, learn about Veryfi OCR API & SDK, its features, pricing information, popular comparisons to other OCR products and more. Still not sure about Veryfi OCR API & SDK? Check out alternatives .

Best For A Modern Bookkeeping Automation Platform designed for Enterprises in need of Intelligent Document Extraction & Categorization Services.Product Details Use the same API & Camera which powers all Veryfi Products in your mobile app. Veryfi API extracts EVERYTHING from unstructured documents with ease & without the use of Templates. Veryfi’s simple RESTful API directly interfaces with the Veryfi neural networks a document in, a JSON with data fields out. Simple. And all that is done in 3 seconds. No polling or waiting. It just works.

Contact Details Veryfi in 2016Located in United States

What Are The Deployment Options Of Veryfi OCR API & SDK

Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS | iPhone / iPad | Android

What are the Support Options of Veryfi OCR API & SDK

24/7 (Live Rep) | Business Hours | Online

Training Options

Live Online | Webinars | Documentation

Veryfi OCR API & SDK Features

Batch Processing, Convert to PDF, Image Pre-processing, Indexing, Metadata Extraction, Multi-Language, Multiple Output Formats

API Management

API Design, API Lifecycle Management, Access Control, Analytics, Dashboard, Developer Portal, Version Control

Veryfi OCR API & SDK Alternatives

ABBYY FineReader PDF, Grooper, DocuPhase, Hypatos



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