With the help of Blockchain Congress USA, learn about OpenElevator, its features, pricing information, popular comparisons to other Employee Engagement products and more. Still not sure about OpenElevator? Check out alternatives .

Best For We serve employers who know the value of having people who are aligned with their company culture, are likely to build strong relationships with their managers and have the skills to do the job! Product Details RECRUIT, RETAIN AND REASSIGN FOR ENGAGEMENT! Because surveying, monitoring & team building NEVER increase engagement. So, what can you do? It’s straightforward: assess interpersonal fit – understand and optimize your team, who are best to pair for natural collaboration (who to avoid pairing) and what is important for each person for long-term engagement. The best way to understand the value is to actually get value when trying it…contact us and get your FREE coupon.ScreenshotsContact Details OpenElevatorhttps://openelevator.comFounded in 2016Located in Switzerland

What Are The Deployment Options Of OpenElevator

Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS

What are the Support Options of OpenElevator

24/7 (Live Rep)

Training Options

In Person | Live Online

OpenElevator Features


Human Resource

Applicant Tracking, Recruitment Management

Talent Management

Individual Development Plans, Recruitment Management

OpenElevator Alternatives

GaggleAMP, Jostle, Blink, SnapComms, Vantage Circle, Blueboard, SoGoSurvey Enterprise, Peakon, Emplify


 Please note: For any support queries, pricing information, inquiries, or the latest updates, always refer to the official website of OpenElevator at

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