With the help of Blockchain Congress USA, learn about Fluxaware, its features, pricing information, popular comparisons to other Employee Engagement products and more. Still not sure about Fluxaware? Check out alternatives .

Best For Companies that are growing rapidly or have gone through quick growth and want to help their teams / managers stay ahead.Product Details We have simplified good management practices by using years of organizational research as well as the proven science behind positive psychology and peak performance. Our practices help companies improve communication, strengthen relationships, drive performance, and enable development.ScreenshotsContact Details Fluxawarehttp://fluxaware.comFounded in 2015Located in United StatesFluxaware Pricing Overview There is a free version.Fluxaware offers a free trial.See additional pricing details below.

What Are The Deployment Options Of Fluxaware

Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS

What are the Support Options of Fluxaware


Training Options

In Person | Live Online | Webinars

Fluxaware Features

Benchmarking, Employee Recognition, Negative Feedback Management, Performance Management, Pulse Surveys

Fluxaware Alternatives

Happy at Work, Orion Voice Platform, Kudos, Employee Engagement Survey, Lattice, Glint, Motivosity, Culture Amp, Winningtemp



 Please note: For any support queries, pricing information, inquiries, or the latest updates, always refer to the official website of Fluxaware at http://fluxaware.com.

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