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Best For – Internal accounting departments of companies of all sizes and industries
– Outsourced Finance & Accounting firmsProduct Details FloQast is a provider of accounting workflow automation created by accountants for accountants to work smarter, not harder. By automating common accounting workflows and helping to streamline and make them more efficient, FloQast is the place where accounting teams want to work so they can focus on what matters most, even when thats just going home on time. FloQast is trusted by more than 1,000 accounting departments, including those at Lyft, Zoom, Snowflake, and The Golden State Warriors.ScreenshotsContact Details FloQast in 2013Located in United States

What Are The Deployment Options Of Close Management Software

Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS

What are the Support Options of Close Management Software

Business Hours | Online

Training Options

In Person | Live Online | Documentation

Close Management Software Features


Bank Reconciliation

Accounting Practice Management

Document Management, Due Date Tracking, Project Management, Time Tracking

Business Performance Management

Ad Hoc Reports, Ad hoc Analysis, Dashboard, Key Performance Indicators, Strategic Planning

Financial Reporting

Audit Trail, Balance Sheet, Consolidation/Roll-Up, General Ledger, Multi-Company

Close Management Software Alternatives

CIM GOLD, FreshBooks, CosmoLex, Biller Genie, Chargebee, ALERE ERP Software, Bench, aACE, Passport Business Solutions



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